I. Issuance of Military Leave Record

Submitted by jhaejhae on Thu, 10/17/2019 - 18:04


After filling up and submitting the request form along with all the necessary requirements, the Records Management Staff will check your original leave records. If there are any original leave records lacking, the RMB staff will notify you to submit the lacking original leave records. Once complete, the RMB staff will log and encode the details into the computer. You will then be notified to check, verify and sign for your Form 30. Once verified, the NCOIC or Chief RMB will notate the documents before forwarding it to the AFA’s office for signing. Once signed, copies of the files are sent back to the RMB for filing and the original is sent to the Message Center for releasing. The whole process may take [please verify turnaround time with RMB]