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In line with the forthcoming Christmas holidays, the experience of getting stuck in heavy traffic to include hours and hours of waiting just to simply get to your destination is absolutely unavoidable in this time of the year.

One way to eliminate stress and manage time this peak season is to hire a Taxi which will surely lessen the trouble of minor problems such as; finding a space in parking area, long hours of waiting at public transportation vehicles and having a hard time to relax after a lengthy day of shopping. However, everyone should be vigilant and cautious for possible danger when a riding taxi.


A. Plan and Know Your Journey Plan your travel, It will be very helpful and safer if you know where is your exact destination.

B. Take Note of Reputable Taxi Companies. Reputable taxi companies are surely to exist legally and they have their rules and regulations including safety measures for both the driver and the passenger.

C. When Riding Alone, Take the Backseat Make sure to lock the doors and windows. Lots of sexual offenders and kidnappers will gain the upper hand if they can easily hold their prey. If ask to sit up front do not hesitate to decline and proceed at the back seat.

D. Remember the Taxi Vehicle's Color and Plate Number. Take note of the plate number and color of the car. Get the plate number before you get in. This is not only for your safety but also for filing complaints. Record the data to your phone and do not be hesitant to text the police or your friends when caught in a bad situation.

E. Ask for ID, When You Smell Fishy Do not hesitate to gather details from the driver. Taxi cab drivers should always carry with them a government issued Taxi ID. Ask for the ID and make sure that the picture and the name is match to their drivers licence. Make sure to remember their face including facial marks for possible recognition.

-Headquarters Service Support Group