Submitted by AFPAO on Thu, 01/21/2021 - 16:31

The Philippine Air Force supports the termination by the Secretary of National Defense of the 1989 DND/UP agreement. 

The termination means that the AFP/PNP is no longer obliged to give "prior notice" to the UP President, Chancellor of constituent university or Dean of regional unit before conducting military or police operation, serving warrants and custodial investigation in any UP campus and of any UP student, faculty or employee. There is nothing irregular or illegal in this as UP would be treated as the rest of the Filipinos.

Clearly, the termination of the agreement does not diminish "academic freedom" - as UP would still be free to choose who may teach, what to teach, how to teach, and who may be admitted as students. It will not hinder search for truth and pursuit of knowledge. It will not curtail peaceful assembly.

The PAF believes that abrogating such agreement will ensure that the AFP can help UP accomplish its mandate to protect the lives and future of Filipino children from duplicitous, ungodly tentacles of CPP/NPA recruitment in UP that has been going on for decades. These children - our children - should be guided to enjoy family life and support their families; not go against and be separated from them. These children - our children - should be nurtured to emerge from UP as the best and the brightest of the land who will lead this nation to peace and development; not as terrorists who will kill people, damage property, and divide the nation.

The PAF believes that the action is meant to better protect Filipino children, families and the nation.


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