TOS Jolo Distributes Jet-A1 Fuel and Donates Trash Bins To Residents

30 July 2018

Tactical Operations Squadron Jolo disposed and distributed two (2) drums of contaminated Jet-A1 fuel to the residents of Brgy Mahubuh, Patikul Sulu held at TOS Jolo, Brgy Busbus, Jolo, Sulu last June 30 and July 10, 2018. They will be using the said fuel in their livelihood and everyday living.

On the other hand, TOS Jolo also donated ten(10) trash bins to Hja Mutmainna I Kamlon, Officer-In-Charge of Kamlon Memorial School of Fisheries, Niangkaan Omar, Sulu last July 09, 2018 in support to the proper waste disposal management of the said school.

These activities strengthened the camaraderie and built a strong foundation and harmonious relationship between the PAF and the residents and students that will contribute to the development of the said barangay and the said school.

Courtesy of TOG SULTAW