Massive and Heavy Sorties Performed By the Airlifters During Holidays

11 January 2018

Records revealed that from December 21, 2017 to January 7, 2018, a total of 14,778 passengers including 9,480 uniformed personnel and 5,298 civilians were ferried to various destinations in the country during the holiday season using the air assets housed by the 220th Airlift Wing.

These sorties provided the soldiers and their dependents free accommodation in a way that can save a hefty amount supposedly intended for airline fares.

Ever since, the airlifters continue to bring military families together for the holidays.

Reconnecting military families through the effort of our airlifters during this special time of the year is one small yet effective way of strengthening military families.

"We are proud and excited to continue offering these flights as another way of showing our appreciation and support for those who sacrifice so much," said its Wing Commander, Brigadier General Stephen P Parreņo AFP.

Courtesy of 220th AW