Trainers Host Civilian OJT Completion

21 April 2017

The first batch of civilian OJTs 2017 officially completed their training programs in 228th Transport Crew Training Squadron on April 19, 2017.

The program is integral to the Wing's personnel management in the skills development where individual knowledge and training are enhanced through actual experience and hands-on training in all phases of aircraft maintenance. It is also part of the Wing's contribution to the Civil-Military Operations of the Philippine Air Force.

While the OJT program is already in place for the maintenance personnel, a similar OJT was conducted for civilians and college students from various colleges and universities in order to expose them to actual maintenance activities involving the Wing's various airlift assets.

One of the highlights of the activity, was the awarding of leadership certificates to all seminar leaders who was crowned as champions in various events during the Quarterly Civilian OJT Team-building.

During the remarks of MAJ RONEL L SALAS PAF, 228th TCTS, He expressed his gratitude for all the contributions of the Wing's maintenance operations including the squadron's activities. The civilian OJTs together with 228th personnel culmination had a simple fellowship through a barbecue party.

Courtesy of: 220th Airlift Wing