Hueys Conduct SAR Operations Over Calaguas Islands To Search For The Missing Fisherman

20 January 2017

The pilots and crew of the 207th Tactical Helicopter Squadron under the 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing stationed at Tactical Operations Group 5 of the Philippine Air Force, carried out a search, rescue and recovery mission with the Philippine Coast Guard, the Philippine Army (902BDE), OCD 5, Philippine Red Cross (Camarines Norte), PDRRMO, MDRMMO (Mercedes) and the Mercedes local government to the missing fisherman around the Calaguas Group of Islands in Camarines Norte from January 14 to 16, 2017.

The fisherman was identified as Mr. Zaldy Reyes, 35, of Barangay Manguisoc, Mercedes, Camarines Norte. The fisherman went missing for nearly a week before the actual search party arrived at Daet Airport.

According to the chief of MDRMMO-Mercedes, Mr. Jude Hernandez, it was on January 9 when they heard that a small fishing boat was capsized and one of the two fishermen onboard was rescued somewhere in Calaguas Islands in Barangay Sood, Vinzons on January 12, 2017.The rescued fisherman, Mr. Arnel Era, is now recovering at the Camarines Norte Provincial Hospital while his fellow fisherman, Mr. Reyes, is still missing.

The search and rescue team was still expecting to find and rescue Mr. Reyes, alive. But after three days of searching over the eastern and western side of Calaguas Islands, and over the neighboring islands near Mercedes, the team was unable to recover and rescue him. Despite unsuccessful search of Mr Reyes, the family wholeheartedly thanked all the assistance given to them, especially Governor Edgardo Angeles Tallado, Mr Tony Espana of PDRRMO, Mayor Alex Pajarillo Lo and Vice Mayor Brenda King Salalima, and Mr Jude Hernandez of MDRRMO.

The search and rescue operation was headed by Major Don Raphael Cervantes PAF from the 207th THS, 205th THW of the PAF.

-Credits to 207th THS, 205th THW