Airlifters Conduct Last Nomad Forum For 2017

21 December 2017

The 223rd Airlift Squadron (known as the Home of the Nomads) under the 220th Airlift Wing of the Philippine Air Force conducted its 4th quarter Nomad Forum on December 18, 2017 at 223rd AS, 220th AW, Brigadier General Benito N Ebuen Air Base in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

This forum is formal activity conducted every quarter where pilots, crew, and maintenance personnel manning the N-22B/C type of aircraft are encouraged to interact and participate.

Newly-assigned pilots were also invited to attend the forum to give them a glimpse of the Nomad aircraft systems and operations.

Selected and relevant topics were discussed to promote operational safety through better understanding of the different Nomad systems as well as educate participants on other information pertinent to the daily operations of the aircraft.

For this particular forum, the following topics were discussed:

A. Aircraft Take-Off and Landing Priority (discussed by Engineer Roel Aranzado from Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines based in Mactan, Cebu)

B. Hydroplaning

C. Nomad Noted Discrepancies and Maintenance Report

D. Safety Tips during the Holiday season

The other highlights of the forum include the presentation of the Unit's Flying Time Accomplishments. Records revealed that the unit achieved a total of 510 flying hours against the programmed 252.5 flying hours. Therefore, the Unit attained approximately 202% flying time accomplishment rating without any untoward accident/incident. This accomplishment was attributed by the increased frequency of sovereignty patrols, airlift of personnel and light requirements, ferry of area and unit commanders to their places of official engagements, aerial reconnaissance and the like.

The once not-so-popular aircraft is now the most sought aircraft of our operational commanders including the Commanding General of the Philippine Army in support to their various airlift requirements.

The forum culminated with a closing remarks from Brigadier General Stephen P Parreņo AFP, Wing Commander of 220th AW. He said that "forums such as the one we had represent something very important to us. In fact, this is a timely initiative, one which I support wholeheartedly. This is, again, because we have shared sensible inputs, well-timed experiences and significant lessons learned. Whenever we think of policies, anytime that we implement policies or anytime that we have this forum, the perspective from the productive exchange of ideas through this forum is always a fundamental complement to whatever approach we can take. I am sure you all know that our Wing has a particular commitment to this pursuit. The very notion lies at the heart of our own flight plan - as we continue to aspire to the be the leading support wing in the region. Just last Friday, we had our flight plan strategy refresh in HPAF together with the Commanding General, the new version of the strategy map will soon be unveiled - but this will also mean, rethinking and revalidating our existing scorecards. As a matter of fact, we are now fine tuning our functions and the capability build-up that we need and acquire like the arrival of the Casa 212i aircraft anytime soon. And forums such as this, can really provide valuable inputs to this continuing recalibration and the crafting of our own DOTMPLF (doctrine, organization, training, material, leadership, personnel and facilities)."

He also talked on the key ideas of all the topics being presented and highlighted its significance and relevance to the tasks at hand.

"As your Commander, I never cease to be proud and humbled by the accomplishment of everyone. Limited resources notwithstanding, we have stubbornly plodded on to complete each task with focused and determined effort, conscious in doing only the best. However the game is not yet over. We still have an unprecedented opportunity to make profound contributions in the accomplishment of our mission. The Challenge now is to draw up our next steps, to build up on the achievements we have reached today", he added said.

Lastly, the successful conduct of Nomad Forum was made possible through the concerted efforts of the officers and enlisted personnel of 223rd AS led by its new commander Maj Ronald Cristopher Loayon PAF.

Courtesy of 220th AW