14 January 2017

The men and women of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) displayed true strength in holding on together when everyone else fell apart after Typhoon “Nina” made a landfall in the Philippine area of responsibility bringing massive amount of damage, especially in Bicol Region.

The 207th Tactical Helicopter Squadron "Stingers" of the PAF in coordination with DSWD and other concerned Government units, conducted an Aerial Reconnaissance and Rapid Disaster Assessment and Needs Analysis (RDANA) in the the provinces of Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, and Albay from December 27 to 31, 2016. Immediately after the landfall, Aerial Reconnaissance and RDANA flight mission were carried out by the 207th THW. The image that was produced clearly depicted the damage it caused to the individuals and their properties.

Due to the magnitude of the onslaught brought by Typhoon “Nina”, additional platforms were augmented. An additional element came from Manila and another one, coming from Tactical Operations Group (TOG) 8 stationed in Tacloban City, arrived to boost the heli-lift capabilities of the PAF and promptly addressed all the requirements needed to respond to the affected areas.

So after determining the areas that were greatly affected by the typhoon, the Stingers transported 1,540 lbs of relief goods and provided humanitarian and disaster relief operations in far flung areas inaccessible by cars and other forms of transportation because of the damaged roads, bridges, and power outage.

The skills of the pilots and crew of the 207th THW were put to action while performing relief operations in areas with confined landing spots in various barangays, which was accompanied with strong winds. There were various areas that were risky to land, which resulted the stingers to hover and drop some relief goods in order to help those people who are in great need.

-Credits to 207th THS of 205th THW