07 June 2017

The 220th Airlift Wing of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) unveils its new flight simulator during the 44th Founding Anniversary celebration on June 5, 2017, which was graced by the PAF Commanding General, Lt Gen Edgar R Fallorina AFP.

This building located at the back of the 228th Transport Crew and Training Squadron (TCTS). It is certainly a welcome development considering that the flight simulator technology is now few steps away from the student pilots undergoing academic instruction. Other features of the building include a spacious classroom, language laboratory and can also be used as briefing room. In fact, a plan to put up different mock-ups for the four aircraft of the wing is about to be finalized as soon as these equipment are ready. With the various simulator technologies of the wing, the building is a bonus and a great space for our pilots to learn.

The other building is the Airlifters Student Lounge, where our students can take a break from their classroom instructions, interact and brainstorm among themselves about certain topics, and review before taking the examinations. Soon, the building will be equipped with furniture and appliances.

These projects were conceptualized as part of our Wing Commander's dedicated resolve to create a conducive environment for learning.

He also said that the flight simulator will expose the student pilots to the intricacies of instrument flying, which is the "bread and butter" of airlift operations. His new mantra, "Excellence and Safety in Airmanship begins here" is aptly captured in the real essence and pursuit of this undertaking. Thus, he continues to support the religious implementation of the Wing's training programs by providing the necessary facilities and equipment.

Of equal importance to this endeavor are the concerted efforts of the 228th TCTS personnel led by its commander, Major Ronel L Salas PAF and his executive officer, Maj Florianne B Reyes PAF. Similarly, our special mention to A1C Steve A Sagmon PAF who wielded his engineering skills in the entire construction of the two buildings.

Courtesy of 220th AW