MAJ MATIENZO -First Female F-27 Instructor Pilot

27 April 2017

The Philippine Air Force first ever female Instructor Pilot and a recipient of the highest qualification ever given to a female pilot in the F-27 type of aircraft and a record holder in the entire 220th Airlift Wing community is no other than MAJ GERALDINE ABEGAIL MATIENZO PAF.

She is the first female Pilot-in-Command of the new C-295 aircraft. Her experience and mettle inspire all female pilots in the airlifters community to take heed and follow her lead.

Her determination and dedication, coupled by an inert sense to excel resulted to a milestone that celebrates this proud achievement. After rigorous academic and instructional flights, she has logged a significant number of flying hours covering various sorties flying both the F-27 and C-295 type of aircraft.

According to MAJ MATIENZO, being able to feel the pulse and understand the impact of each flying mission of bridging the islands whether bringing in troops in and out of the mission areas, providing hope to distressed communities by way of immediate delivery of relief goods during calamities - is incredibly inspiring and fulfilling. Her skills have touched so many lives and inspire co-workers.

On the other hand, MAJ MATIENZO is set to be flying sorties with the student pilots, flying the F-27 type of aircraft soon. "There must be commitment in being one because if someone you train failed; it could be worse crashing the aircraft yourself. You'll have that feeling that perhaps you didn't provide your students with the complete tools he/she needed to survive. My new job requires more patience than ever and to have a full grasp on all the necessary information that one must impart. However these sacrifices will pay off; I know and am very certain that being able to teach them to fly on their own is an awfully rewarding feeling" MAJ MATIENZO said.

She also expressed her profound gratitude to her instructor pilots, who guided her all the way through namely LTC THORSTEN AJELLO BAUTISTA PAF and MAJ ROMMEL BESORIO PAF.

Meanwhile, after celebrating a female IP in the Airlifter's community, MAJ JAMES STEWART CUNANAN PAF follow suit as another soon-to-be PIC of the F-27 aircraft, He who was similarly checked-out after completing all the transition rides and is now gearing up to begin the next operational flying sorties before his release as full-fledge first pilot.

The Airlifters are on a roll by all these current developments.

Courtesy of: 220th AW