Enhancing PAF Civil Military Operations Towards Modernization

08 September 2017

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) through the Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Civil Military Operations (CMO), OA-7, led by Colonel Gerardo M Zamudio Jr (MNSA) PAF, spearheaded a two-day interactive CMO Family Workshop on August 30 to 31, 2017 held at the PAF Aerospace Museum, Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City with the Vice Commander PAF, MGen Rozzano D Briguez AFP as the guest of honor.

The opening remarks was graced by keynote speaker Chief of Air Staff, MGen Romeo N Dela Cruz AFP with the theme, "Expanding Horizons and Modernizing Efforts Towards a PAF Jet Force", the workshop aimed to develop and enhance the psychological operations of PAF-CMO in information operation (IO) through the use of different mediums such as television, radio, print, and the non-stop growth of the internet The workshop also served as a challenge to all CMO Units to craft innovative CMO activities which is relevant in the face of changing times and the demands of institutional plan such as the Flight Plan 2028 and Development Support and Security Plan (DSSP) Kapayapaan."

During the event, hands-on workshops were conducted to all participants, particularly on how to effectively present PAF to the general public. Moreso, lectures and workshop that were conducted are the following: Print Graphics, Audio Editing, Video Editing, Story-boarding and Script Writing, Anti-Radicalization, and the launching of the new PAF CMO platform, the ''Virtual TV."

On the other hand, lectures imparted to the participants were all studied and well-performed by experienced speakers such as the following:

Captain Frederick Buscano PAF- Status of PAF Modernization

Lt Col Sir Byron L De Ocampo PAF- Current of PAF CMO Efforts and Presentation of new QUASAR Parameters

Mr Ralph Flora- Print Graphics

Ms Annabelle Lasaten- Storyboarding and Script Writing

Mr Dean Macanaya- Audio Editing

Mr Ian Bacungan- Video Editing

Lt Col Oliver Banaria PAF- Review of Stratcom and IO Concepts PLUS Basic on Demographics and Psychographics

Commissioner Yusuf Morales- Anti-Radicalization and Anti Countering Violent Extremism

Colonel Noel A Vestuir MNSA (PA)- CMO Support Activities Required by AFP for DSSP

Meanwhile, one of the highlights of the event was the application process and presentation of audio visual material which was personally crafted by the participants wherein all products were judged and carefully criticized by workshop panelist.

During the closing remarks, Vice Commander PAF, MGen Briguez, applauded all the good work that were done in two days knowing the importance of CMO in modern warfare. He also encouraged all the CMO operators to be more creative and adaptive. He even mentioned that the "Mind has no limit."

Photo by: SSg Gonda PAF

A2C Alberto PAF