Direct Enlistees To A United JET FORCE

27 June 2017

The Philippine Air Force on its strong and excellent effort in sustaining the Greater Peace and Security to our nation, hires only the most qualified and the best among thousands of aspiring soldiers every year. Aspiring soldiers who possessed qualifications which are eligible and topnotch advantage in terms of mental and physical aspects.

To be a soldier of PAF, one must undergo a series of qualifications in order to identify the best individual fit for the job, Screening process includes; written examinations, panel interviews, medical exams, neurological exams, physical exams and months of military training before you can earn a serial number.

Moreover, Direct Enlistees were most likely pitch as one of the most qualified for the task, mainly because of their individual talents and an advanced set of skills in their own chosen field.

Among these were composed of diverse skills and potential trainees. such as; Athletes, Information Technologist, Singers and Marching Band as well as Researcher and Writers.


Soldier-Athletes of PAF possess incredible talents and amazing physic which put them in the position to represent PAF the most with pride through excellent skills. They participate in different competitions locally and abroad as well as the prestigious annual AFP-PNP PCG Olympics wherein the best athletes were all gathered from different branch of service to play and compete. Most of these athletes were national team members and former student-athletes in different universities nationwide.


The technological state of the Philippines has change fundamentally that the need for modernization has opened up the door for all the IT’s specialist. The continuous upgrade of technologies were surely inevitable which is why these kinds of talents were in need inside PAF. It aids in the upgrade and maintenance of the communication system for Enlisted Personnel (EP), Officers, and civilian employees for a convenient work environment.


Often called the “Voice of the Philippine Air Force”, the singers and marching bands give color to every events and parades of the PAF through their synchronize and harmony. Singers and Marching Bands efficiently create festive vibes in every event they perform

Serving in the military is not the easiest job. Being an Airman and Airwoman of the PAF entails not only the toughest training's but also the most severe sacrifices. Having the privilege to serve the country with pride and honor will always give the euphoric feeling to an individual's human life.

Courtesy of: AETC (BMTS "SINAGTALA' Class 2017 Bravo)

Photo Courtesy: BMTS



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