Air Force Holds Joint Ceremony for the Deactivation of Air Defense Wing, 1AD, 2AD & 3AD; Reactivation of ADC and Tactical Operations Command; and Activation of Air Mobility Command

21 July 2017

Along with the arrival of its aircraft and state-of-the-art equipment, the Philippine Air Force (PAF) has gradually metamorphosed into a more credible Air Force through reorganization of some of its key Units as guided by its Flight Plan 2028.

With almost 500 personnel who witnessed today’s ceremony, another milestone in the PAF history has been unfolded. Following some of the PAF’s transformation such as the reactivation of 580th Air Control Warning Wing from an Air Control Warning Group and re-designation of Air Education, Training and Doctrine Command from Air Education Training and Command, both in November 2016, the PAF formally conducted on Thursday afternoon the joint ceremony for the Deactivation of Air Defense Wing (ADW), 1st Air Division (1AD), 2nd Air Division (2AD), and 3rd Air Division (3AD); Reactivation of Tactical Operations Command (TOC), and Air Defense Command (ADC); and Activation of Air Mobility Command (AMC) at the Multi-purpose Gymnasium, Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City on July 20, 2017.

With this transformation, the ADW is now reorganized into an ADC where it has also reactivated the 5th Fighter Wing. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Air Divisions will become Tactical Operations Wing under the TOC. Along with the deactivation of the three Air Divisions, the 600th, 560th, and 530th Air Base Wings are now downgraded to Air Base Groups. And with the activation of the AMC, it will be placed under the command and control of the Commanding General, Lieutenant General Edgar R Fallorina AFP.

Among the highlights of the activity were the furling, casing, and presentation of the Unit Colors and hand over of the Units' history books, which were immediately turned over to the PAF's Office of Historical and Cultural Activities.

As the presiding officer, CG, PAF underscored that organizational changes and development are important considering the “prevailing strategic realities and operational requirements” of the Armed Forces. Although changes are inevitable, Lt Gen Fallorina vowed that it will not affect the number of personnel and current air assets.

“For all intents and purposes, ang lahat ng pagbabago na ito are seen to fortify our JET FORCE strength and courage, and their projection, both for real application and deterrence. The movement and minor changes in the rank structure will not change the number of personnel, both military and civilian; and it will not affect our current air assets. The thing is, with the TOC, ADC, and AMC, we shall carry on performing our mission. We shall carry on being the JET Force for greater peace and security. We shall continue to demonstrate our collective resolve and political will to seek, keep, and sustain peace at all costs…” he said.

He also mentioned that these changes are essential in strengthening the country’s air power.

“With our functionally aligned units, let us jibe instilling more airpower consciousness. We cannot afford to surrender our advantage. Without airpower assisting development efforts, you can expect a protracted process, specially in Mindanao, or elsewhere in the archipelago. And in the heat of battle, again without airpower, you can expect an indecisive campaign… that may prove costlier in the end. Airpower will be the strength of the ADC, AMC and TOC…which in turn will be sources of strength of the Air Force.”