Daggers in Action: The 208th Tactical Helicopter Squadron in Marawi

09 September 2017

As the fierce battle between government troops and members of the local terrorists group Maute erupted in Marawi, Lanao del Sur, the 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing was able to reinforce and deploy elements of UH-1H Helicopter to help the government troops flush out rebels and retake control of the battered city. Dagger flight from 208th Tactical Helicopter Squadron was one of the elements deployed and has been present all throughout in helping the troops to perform deliberate operations in the city.

The Daggers have been operating in various parts of the country for 35 years. They have been providing the much-needed inter-island heli-lift capability. And because of the remarkable performance of its UH-1H in performing combat heli-lift and counter insurgency operation, the Daggers were deployed in the southern part of the Philippines such as in Jolo, Sulu, Basilan, and Marawi City.

As the conflict enters its third month, the Daggers together with other flying units of the PAF continue to be faithful to its mandated tasks to provide heli-lift transport to our operating troops on the ground.

Courtesy of 208th THS