A Better And Improved Civilian Workforce

16 August 2017

Being a public servant is one of the most fulfilling and noblest professions anywhere in the world. This profession gives the chosen few the privilege to “make a difference in other people’s lives and improve the world.”

Yet for most Filipinos, dealing with the government seems to be a repulsive experience often marred with incompetence, ignorance, and arrogance. Public servants are kept under watch, often become subject to vicious gossip and character assassination. Indeed, it is easy for most Filipinos to criticize the government and the people who make it up.

But this does not portray that true public servants have become a dying breed in our country for there are good ones out there who go about their work largely unnoticed and invisible to the public eye. Taking into consideration the difficulties we have been facing to transform the bureaucracy into a well-performing institution that satisfies public demands and supports national development objectives, our government has initiated reforms to provide quality public service delivery in the Philippines.

As a response to the call of changing the landscape of human resource in the Philippines, the Philippine Air Force (PAF) has officially launched the Competency-Based Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Civilian Human Resource Management Framework on August 15, 2017 held at the PAF Gymnasium, Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City with the PAF Commanding General, Lt General Edgar R Fallorina AFP, as guest of honor .

Led by Director for Civilian Affairs, Ms Charito M Monataño, the Competency-Based HRM development is a collaborative work undertaken by the General Headquarters and the Major Services of the AFP. The framework intends to facilitate the transformation of the current human resource systems and process from a transaction to strategic level, as a way of responding to the rapidly changing environment in the management of civilian personnel.

This initiative is in response to the Civil Service Commission’s thrust of upgrading HR Management to align with the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM).

Photo By: Tsg Mohammad