Airlifters Own ''Baby-Lift' Sortie

03 July 2017

One F-27 Aircraft piloted by MAJ MICHAEL MARLVIN MANAS PAF and LT BOONE OCAMPOS PAF airlifted a baby who was born with Pulmonary Stenosis and needs to be evacuated to Manila to undergo an emergency balloon heart procedure last June 30, 2017.

Zyrus Gabriel Soringa who was only 2 days old was accompanied by the S-7 team from the Air Force Hospital to closely monitor his condition while on flight. Fully aware of the sick baby on board, the pilots made sure that the flight was comfortable and free of turbulence including the safe and smooth landing. Indeed, the pilots have shown their skills and finesse.

At this time, the said heart procedure is only available in medical facilities in Manila. Commercial airlines usually do not allow newly born babies to fly considering the sensitivities at higher altitudes especially those with illnesses. This sortie has provided the sick baby an immediate air evacuation to seek for more specialized medical attention. The parents were truly grateful for the free and safe accommodation; had it not been for this flight, the baby’s condition could have gone worse.

Baby Zyrus is now confined at Philippine General Hospital in Manila. According to the doctors, the baby has to undergo life-saving cardiac procedure within 72-hours, reckoned from the time of his birth.

Flight missions such as this are not new to us, air-lifters. In fact, all the wing assets were already used as air ambulance airlifting critically-wounded soldiers and sick civilian patients to areas where specialized healthcare services are available and/or in proximity.

Courtesy of: 220th AW (MAJ BELTRAN PAF)

Get well soon Baby Zyrus!

--A2C Alberto PAF--