08 November 2017

The Wing Commander of 220th Airlift Wing, BGEN STEPHEN P PARREŅO AFP was accorded with arrival honors in front of the Wing Headquarters early this morning in connection with his promotion to the star rank. Subsequently, General Parreņo paid a courtesy call to Commander, Air Mobility Command (AMC), MGEN NICOLAS C PARILLA AFP at AMC Headquarters.

A proud member of PMA 'Sambisig Class of 1991, General Parreņo was able to finished as top cadet joining the Philippine Air Force during his graduation at PMA. Aside from his impressive records during his cadetship, he went on to continue that remarkable feat - he emerged as top graduate in his Undergraduate Pilot training, Squadron Officers Course, Basic Comptrollership Course and Masters in Business Administration in Asian Institute of Management. His foreign schoolings include General Staff Course in Escuella Superior De Lias Fuerzas Armadas, Madrid, Spain and Master of Management Studies in General Management in University of New South Wales in ADFA, Canberra Australia.

In his speech, he thanked the Almighty for all the blessings and his family and relatives who inculcated in him the value of hard work, patience, perseverance and honesty. In the same vein, that he expressed his profound gratitude to all his superiors, mentors, peers, and subordinates who in one way or another made an impact in his almost 30 years of military service. In fact, he was pleased that he received his first star in 220th Airlift Wing, where he described as 'the unit that lift up one's potential and being surrounded by personnel who has a genuine concern for the common good'.

He assured his men that he shall continue to do his best and make sure that he will not do anything, only to diminish the airlifters' trust and confidence. He also said that whatever he has achieved or what he has become is a result of cooperation and support among his men.

He also shared some of his significant thoughts and advices...'we must not tend to look at other people's negative side or weakness. If you put your confidence and trust in men; if you take time out to delegate and share responsibilities to people, they will strive to live up to the expectations and more positive things will come out"..."if someone puts you down, don't exchange it with revenge rather it's better to return it with kindness. And you will see, blessings shall come your way unexpectedly. It's better to keep yourself focused on your work than be affected with negative things thrown upon you"

Courtesy of: 220th AW