Airlifters ferry DND-AFP officials joining the trilateral air patrol in Malaysia

27 October 2017

Utilizing the C-130 aircraft, the 220th Airlift Wing "Airlifters" of the Philippine Air Force ferried some officials of the Department of National Defense and Armed Forces of the Philippines to Subang, Malaysia on October 13, 2017 to join the formal launching of the Trilateral Air Patrol (TAP).

The TAP ceremony was attended by Defense Ministers from three countries: Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The cooperative agreement was a continuation of the same concept of shared maritime patrols sometime in June 2017.

Accordingly, the trilateral maritime and air patrols were initiated in response to fears that the Islamic State group will use the Sulu Sea to move fighters among the three countries, which all have coastlines along the Sulu Sea.

Cited from a news release issued by the office of Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, the TAP comprises of two aspects: joint air patrols conducted with the presence of aircrew from the participating national on board aircraft, as well as coordinated air patrols by the respective air forces within their respective borders.

Regional and transpacific flights such as the one conducted is considered as one of the recent flight missions of the 220th AW.

Prior to the scheduled flight mission, the aircraft commander and its Wing Commander, Colonel Stephen P Parreño PAF (GSC), presided over a comprehensive flight mission briefing with the C-130 crew led by Major Anthony R Amora PAF to ensure the safety and successful conduct of the flight.

Meanwhile, mission briefings are ongoing as early as now in order to prepare for the maritime patrols – when the PAF takes its turn this December 2017.

Courtesy of 220th AW