21 March 2017

As it continues to soar for improvement, The Philippine Air Force 220th Airlift Wing (Airlifters) once again, spearheaded a two-day seminar-workshop starting today, March 25-26, 2017 held at Grand Resort Bohol led by Wing Director for Logistics, MAJ NORWIN LICOTO PAF.

The workshop aims to produce a realistic, responsive and comprehensive maintenance programming or commonly known as the Aircraft Maintenance Fund (AMF 2018) particularly to those assigned at the Office of the Directorate for Materiel, the tactical and support unit commanders, aircraft managers and aircraft specialists.

The workshop is set to be one of the major planning and budgeting activities of the Wing for CY-2018. With the current trend in the Wing's airlift operations as obviously indicated by the monthly flying time accomplishment for all the Wing's air assets (more than a hundred percent in terms of the allocated programmed flying time) and the round-the clock nature of our flying operations which resulted to increased frequency of maintenance inspections, the crucial importance of coming up with a comprehensive maintenance planning cannot be doubted.

Since the yer 2012, this activity has truly address the longer downtime of the aircraft primarily caused by incorrect demand forecasting. The forum design was based on the theme "Jointly Synthesizing an Integrated and Responsive Program for the Efficient Utilization of Logistical and Maintenance Requirements for 2018.

It also includes four (4) separate modules namely APP Preparation, Requirement Determination, Bidding Flowchart, and the team challenge. The first three modules will optimize spares inventory in terms of correctly determining maintenance requirements and therefore ensuring full aircraft readiness while the last module, the team challenge, will develop the stronger sense of responsibility among the participants.

In essence, this gathering will also provide the aircrew and maintenance personnel the opportunity to give support in a productive exchange of knowledge.

-Courtesy of 220th AW