13 March 2017

Instructor Pilots of the Philippine Air Force 220th Airlift Wing (Airlifters) together with its selected personnel and supervisors undergone a two-day Instructor's Training seminar last March 9-10, 2017 held at the Wing Conference Room, 220th Airlift Wing, Brigadier General Benito N Ebuen Air Base, (BGBNEAB) Lapu-lapu City, Cebu.

The seminar is part of the quarterly forum being spearheaded by the 228th Transport Crew and Training Squadron (TCTS). The forum's objectives is to revolved within the concept of developing effective instructors and accurate drafting of Program of Instructions (POIs).

The intent of the seminar emphasize the need of sustaining airlift operations through sufficient pool of aircrew in which it is expected to be ready and well-trained to man the aircraft in the flight line, bearing also in mind the increasing trend in airlift requirements.

The seminar suggest that the only way to accomplish success in this situations can only be gleaned with a very responsive training programs and initiatives, working in all aspects of learning such as the environment, students and most specially the instructors (wherein the students rely and depend on most of the time)

The forum was attended by subject matter expert, MAJ EDDIE R BALUNSO PROF, an esteemed member of the Corps of Professors and currently the Career Management Chief in the Office of the Dean Corps of Professor based in AFP General Headquarters.

During the seminar, MAJ BALUNSO discussed the list of qualifications before one can be considered in the Corps of Professors. He also enumerated the list of qualities of an effective instructors with emphasis on the most common mistakes. After which, he introduced Bloom's Taxonomy as one of the basis for crafting POIs.

On the other hand, participants were given the chance of creating their own POIs relative to the course they usually handle. The second day of the forum was focused more on the tips and techniques in lecture and demo presentations.

One of the highlights of the event is the awarding of 'certificates of recognition' to the following outstanding students who completed their respective courses at the top such as;

A2C Ran Jezreel S Nicolas 900734 PAF - C-130 Loadmaster Apprentice Course

AW2C Edelyn Mira P Abad 910310 PAF - Airlift Aircraft Familiarization Training

Lastly, due to prior commitments, remarks of the Wing Commander was read and delivered by Director for Operations, COL FEDERICO B ENRIQUEZ PAF (MNSA) He further emphasized that the "discipline which the lessons introduced should not just remain as scribbles and random notes rather be and applied every single day to be more productive. He also added that the confidence in teaching can be attained through mastery of the subject.

" I am confident that this forum will ensure better airlift services and has provided the needed boost we all expect. honing skills of our instructor pilots and highly skilled personnel to enable them to be effective instructors as important as any task in our unit " - remarks of WC.

-Courtesy of 220th AW