Air Force Lands In Second Spot During The AFP Band Drill Competition

21 December 2017

In celebration of the 82nd Armed Forces of the Philippines Anniversary, the Philippine Air Force Band placed second in the recently-concluded Band Drill Competition on Dec 18, 2017 held at Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

The PAF Band, which is known for its talented musicians, showcased its musical expertise as its members delivered musical renditions coupled with dance choreography and fascinating flag routines.

The airmen performed their routine in the tune of Star Wars' soundtrack and dressed as Star Troopers with Captain Junwedn A Hamor, PAF band leader, as Darth Vader. Meanwhile, the Philippine Army was hailed as champion while the Philippine Navy placed third. CONGRATULATIONS, PAF BAND DRILL!!! The PAF is very proud of your accomplishment!