MGEN CARANDANG Bows Out of Service; OAFIG Welcomes New Chief

30 August 2017

After more than three decades of dedicated service, outgoing Air Force Inspector General (AFIG), Major General Ruben L Carandang AFP, has retired from his military career.

During the Change of Office, Testimonial Review and Retirement Ceremony held on Tuesday afternoon, August 29, at the Philippine Air Force (PAF) Grandstand, Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base in Pasay City, hundreds of spectators composed of officers, enlisted personnel, civilian employees of the headquarters, and guests witnessed how the PAF displayed its heartfelt appreciation for the hard work and passion of Major General Carandang.

As the AFIG, he was able to assess the performance of mission, state of morale and discipline, efficiency and effectiveness of PAF units, and also investigated and reported various complaints and allegations directed against the Command and its personnel.

Major General Carandang previously held a number of positions such as Wing Commander of 710th Special Operations Wing; Air Force Provost Marshal; Group Commander of the Headquarters Service Support Group; Group Commander of 730th Combat Group, 710th Special Operations Wing securing some areas in Nasugbu, Batangas, and many others.

As he rendered his retirement, Major General Carandang has been replaced by Brigadier General Dino C Diņo AFP.

The incoming AFIG is a member of Philippine Military Academy "Maharlika" Class of 1984. Prior to his present assignment, he was designated to the following positions: Wing Commander of 2nd Tactical Operations Wing; Wing Commander of 560th Air Base Wing; Deputy Commander of 2nd Air Division; Deputy Inspector General of the AFP; and Deputy Wing Commander of 410th Maintenance Wing.