950TH CEISG: 12 Years Of Providing Quality CEIS Service To The PAF

25 April 2017

The 950th Communications, Electronics and Information Systems Group has reached another year in providing communication, electronic and information system service in the Philippine Air Force.

Anchored on its anniversary theme, 950th CEISG: A Sustainable, Secured and Reliable Communication Systems and Cyber Domain Towards a Jointly Engaged Transforming Force,” the 950th CEISG is looking forward to become a more “specialized and knowledgeable CEIS unit that is responsive to the information and communication technology and cyber management development of the PAF in relation to the Flight Plan 2028.”

As it celebrated its 12th Founding Anniversary today at the PAF Aerospace Museum, Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base in Pasay City, it didn’t fail to recognize the units as well as the individuals whose efforts have made significant contributions to the continuing success of the group. The awards were presented to the following:

- Officer of the Year – 1Lt Ernesto C Camus III PAF

- Non Commissioned Officer of the Year – SSg Gerald D Tolentino PAF

- Airwoman of the Year – Sgt Lovelyn M Atienza PAF

- Civilian Employee of the Year – Ms Shirly L Dauz CE

- Squadron of the Year – 952nd Management Information System Squadron

- Operations Personnel of the Year – TSg Chesther T Cocos PAF

- Supply Personnel of the Year – A2C Regie B Ondo PAF

- Administration Personnel of the Year – Sgt Jenny Joy S Jaen PAF

- Strong Man of the Year – SSg Geral D Tolentino PAF

- Strong Woman of the Year – Sgt Mariegrace S Mercado PAF

Apart from its officers, enlisted personnel, civilian employees, and guests, the PAF Vice Commander, Major General Conrado V Parra Jr AFP, also graced the group’s momentous occasion.

As a token of appreciation, the group’s personnel gave MGen Parra a “Tambuli” representing the early means of communications. It also symbolized the medium of military communications by sound, which directly appeals to our sense of hearing.

To the 950th CEISG, congratulations on your 12th Founding Anniversary!!!