16 January 2017

Dubbed as the most historical air base in the Philippines, Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base (CJVAB) has preserved its stature unblemished. The “Responders”, who belong to the 520th Air Base Wing, are the ones primary responsible for its upkeep, being the “Steward” and “Safe keeper” of the base.

The Wing's core competencies are Security, Services, Ceremonies and Assistance on humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR). It secures personnel, facilities and high-value equipment; provides base services and ceremonial honors; and maintains base facilities. All of these are being performed with utmost professionalism, sincerity and compassion.

With unrelenting service to the PAF, the 520th ABW shall remain committed to preserve and maintain the reputation of CJVAB as the home base of the Headquarters Philippine Air Force (PAF). The 520th ABW has continued to exemplify discipline, professionalism, service, and excellence in delivering utmost security and quality base services to the PAF.

The 520th ABW consistently develops the facilities to keep abreast with modern trends and delivers noteworthy base services to completely transform CJVAB into an exemplary PAF Base. The Wing instigates deep involvement in every endeavor in order to maintain its distinction and to preserve the dignity and integrity inherent to itself as a beacon of different PAF bases.

Living by its principle to protect, serve and preserve, the 520th ABW remains steadfast in ensuring the security of every person and property, guard and defend its area of responsibility, maintain the habitability and decency of base facilities, and provide other base services to all resident units.

Credits to 520th ABW