19 May 2017

The Nomad Aircrew of the Philippine Air Force 220th Airlift Wing was deployed in Palawan together with the S-7 team from Camp General Artemio Ricarte Station Hospital to evacuate an ailing patient to Pag-Asa island last May 18, 2017.

The patient was identified as Mr Danilo Belonyo, 41, and was suffering from right upper quadrant body pain and and was also diagnosed with acute colisitisis.

Lack of treatment facilities and medical personnel has prompted the aircrew to make its move and provide an immediate aero medical evacuation. The flight was led by CPT ROGELIO MONCILLA PAF and 1LT NIEL PATRICK SALUNGA PAF.

Aware of an ill patient on board, the pilots maintained a sterile environment in the aircraft and avoided dealing with turbulence as much as possible. A minute of delay may mean something worse to happen most particularly to serious illnesses and injuries similar to this. As of this writing, the patient is now undergoing medical treatment in the said station hospital.

Airlifting wounded and sick patients is not new to 220th Airlift Wing, which has transported more than a thousands patients. In the aftermath of previous calamities, bigger airlift assets such as the C-130, F-27 and C-295 aircraft were used to evacuate a greater number of patients especially those that require litters.

Our nomad pilots and crew maintain continuous alert at all times to respond to similar situations. Your airlifters will always be your competent point of contact. The impact of this flight is certainly fulfilling because the airlift provided has saved one life.

Courtesy of: 220th AW