07 November 2016

After more than a decade since it was downgraded on April 1, 2005, the 580th Aircraft Control and Warning Group has been reactivated to 580th Aircraft Control and Warning Wing (ACWW), signifying a milestone in the PAF history. The formal ceremonies included the symbolic furling and unfurling of Unit Colors, led by the Commanding General, PAF, LTGEN EDGAR R FALLORINA AFP, held at Wallace Air Station, San Fernando City, La Union on November 03, 2016.

The reorganization and reactivation of the Unit into a Wing is an integral part of its breakthrough goal for PAF Flight Plan 2028, to restructure the air defense organization for subsequent integration into a Command. The move is also in line with the present thrust and vision of the PAF to be a professional and competent air force responsive to national security and development. The occasion was also made more significant with the imminent arrival of a new set of radar equipment, opening up new defense capabilities and weapons systems.

The reactivation of 580th ACWW was accompanied by the reactivation of its two aircraft control and warning groups, with its three subordinate squadrons; along with one support group with seven support squadrons, an infirmary and dental dispensary.

Also present was the Wing Commander, Air Defense Command, COL GERALD S DA-ANTON PAF (GSC), who helped install the Officer-in-Charge of the newly reactivated Wing, COL AUGUSTINE S MALINIT PAF (GSC).

The CG, PAF waxed nostalgic as he recalled personal accounts of witnessing a demo scramble when he was a PMA cadet visiting Basa Air Base, during a display of fighter flying and weapons control capability, and subsequently enjoined the members of the PAF external defense units to be able to make a similar successful demonstration before he retires from the service.