Philippine Air Force Educational Fund Incorporated

Submitted by jhaejhae on Sat, 05/04/2019 - 03:52

     The PAFEFI grants educational assistance and scholarship to one (1) grantee per family in the elementary, high school or college level and terminates after the grantee graduates from college, vocational or technical courses. A college course shall be limited to a baccalaureate degree of five (5) years duration or lesser. Below are the selections of grantees according to priorities:





Legitimate, legally adopted, natural or illegitimate children of PAF military personnel who died in the line of duty or in active service.



Children of PAF military personnel who were retired/separated from service with 100% CDD rating and have no other means of gainful income.


Children of deceased/retired PAF military personnel.




Children of deceased personnel who were separated from the service due to CDD of less that 100%.





Any dependent sister or brother below 21 yrs of age of unmarried PAF military personnel who died in line of duty without any issue.