Submitted by AFPAO on Wed, 08/29/2018 - 06:58

The Beavers’ increasing role in the Philippine Air Force Integrated Air Operations Concept (IAOC) necessitates manpower upgrade to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Aside from Unit's quarterly programmed trainings, the 355th Aviation Engineer Wing added several trainings to enhance its personnel capabilities.

A Driving NC II Training was conducted from May 24 to June 14, 2018, in partnership with Technical Education and Skills Development Administration (TESDA) under Training for Work and Scholarship Program, and in cooperation with Techno Development Center. The Driving NC II training was administered to develop and produce a fleet of capable of light vehicle operators in preparation for becoming a heavy engineering equipment operator. Furthermore, the Unit intends to replenish the depleted number of vehicle operators due to movements of personnel and to prepare for the anticipated influx of additional heavy engineering equipment in connection with the acquisition of Aviation Engineering Equipment.

The Unit also conducted cascading of Philippine Institute of Civil Engineer (PICE) Midyear Convention 2018 with the related topics on Civil Engineering such as Vertical Transportation System; Railway Development in Metro Manila; Metro Manila Subway Projects; and, Innovative Technology for Tunnel Excavation. This is to impart the knowledge gained by our licensed Civil Engineers who were annually supported by the Unit for them to be highly trained and updated on the latest trends on construction.

Recently, the Unit invited lecturers from the Air Warfare Center to share their expertise in Doctrine Formulation/ Review last July 27, 2018. This is in preparation for the needed revisions and crafting of Unit Doctrines with the anticipated restructuring to cater the aviation engineering competencies such as Engineering Support to Humanitarian Assistance in Disaster Response (HADR) and Combat Engineering.

Overall, these trainings will serve as a stepping stone for 355th AEW to further improve and transform the Unit training development to become more responsive to the needs of PAF and national development.

Courtesy of 355th AEW