Submitted by AFPAO on Fri, 06/29/2018 - 08:14

The Philippine Air Force and the Indonesian Air Force both hosted the Junior Officer Exchange Visit Program held from August 31-5, 2015 in both countries. The activity aims to further enhance the existing bilateral relationship between the two Air Forces and to meet and discuss matters of mutual concern and military cooperation.

The delegation of the Indonesian Air Force renders a courtesy call to the Chief of Air Staff PAF, BGEN GALILEO GERARD R KINTANAR JR AFP at the Headquarters PAF. After which, a command briefing at the Hall of Flags was conducted with the Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Education and Training, A8, COL AUGUSTINE S MALINIT GSC (PAF) as the presiding officer. Later, a tour was being executed at the PAF Aerospace Museum.

It was a 5-day visit by ten Junior Officers from Jakarta, Indonesia contemporary to the arrival of the ten PAF Junior Officers at Indonesia last August 31, 2015. The PAF Junior Officers were in Indonesia for a 4-day visit. As part of the visit of the IDAF, the delegation visited selected PAF bases and historical sites of the Philippines.

Prior to the visitation of the Junior Officers, last August 2-7, 2015, the Philippines-Indonesia Cadet also visited Manila for a 5-day exposure and observation to the best practices of the military organization of the Philippines.