Submitted by AFPAO on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 10:44

Just a day after the blessing and turnover to the Philippine Air Force, C295M with tail nr 129 completed its maiden flight from Villamor Air Base to Mactan, Palawan and return to Villamor Air Base with its mission to ferry logistical requirements and military personnel on March 31,2015.

The C295M departed Villamor Air Base at 8:29am and arrived BGen Benito Ebuen Air Base (Mactan Air Base) at exactly 10:17 am with 220th Airlift Wing personnel lined-up to welcome their new air asset.

It later departed for Antonio Bautista Air Base in Palawan and arrived at exactly 4:22 pm where military personnel to be ferried in the return flight to Manila were waiting and eager to see the new PAF aircraft. They were the lucky few to ride in this new aircraft in its first operational flight.

The C295M returned Villamor Air Base and landed at exactly 9:50pm to complete its maiden flight with Major Thorsten Bautista as Pilot-in-Command and Cpt Vic Anthony Robles as his co-pilot.

The first female pilot trained in C295M, Captain Geraldine Abigail Matienzo, flew the same day but different aircraft, the F-27 Fokker to Mindanao. She is "dual current", or in laymen's term qualified in both C-295M and F-27 Fokker aircraft at the same time.