Submitted by AFPAO on Wed, 11/06/2019 - 10:07

The Philippine Air Force participated during the Junior Enlisted Leadership Forum (JELF) 2019 held at 17th Wing, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on October 21-25, 2019. The activity was hosted by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), United States Air Force (USAF) and Pacific Air Force (PCAF). Sgt Isaias B Mauricio II PAF and Sgt Donalyn B Borela PAF participated during the said activity along with the other 7 (seven) countries.

The JELF includes a variety of presentations, case studies, group discussions, and team-building exercises. Participants were able to learn about Non-Commission Officers (NCO) leadership, the importance of diversity, ethics and biases in leadership and global norms. It also enlightens Junior Non-Commissioned Officers about professional development strategies and ideas in promoting future well-rounded Senior Enlisted Leaders. 

The activity serves as an opportunity for all the enlisted leaders in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region to connect and acquire insights in international military operations. Likewise, it also helps in building the International community among the enlisted leaders in communicating, working cohesively, and building a strong connection with the other Junior Enlisted Leaders. 

More so, each country presented its organizational structures and explores out of their comfort zone looking at the bigger picture of a complex geopolitical environment. During the interactive discussions, each participant was given an opportunity to share their cultures, experiences and NCO leadership environment. Likewise, it was also shared during the discussion the complexity of geopolitical environment which emphasized four (4) challenges in leading: Flipping the Hierarchy of Needs; Collapsing affected Human Behavior into one world views; Understanding local culture; and ignoring the cultural context of destruction, which is a big factor to consider in leading.

Furthermore, participants were also able to learn from their counterparts’ unique best practices such as:

Royal Canadian Air Force: unserviceable uniforms will be turn-in to their respective supply offices for a new one. 

Singaporean Air Force: once a month conducts daybreak for their aircraft operations for maintenance where they assess their systems, knowledge, and orders.

Royal Australian Air Force: has a joint Basic Career Course for Officers and Enlisted Personnel to strengthen the bond and harmony within the organization. 

Thus, according to Corporal Simon RAAF, “Our best senior leaders, all believe in our NCO Airmen, because it is our NCO Airmen that are our largest workforce and do the work and if you put effort into developing and making them feel valued, productivity and efficiency will increase.”

Participating in this kind of International Forum will help the PAF build a strong network of allies and bond friendship that will strengthen the partnership of the Philippines to other countries.

The JELF is an annual meeting of Junior Enlisted members in the Indo-Asia-Pacific.

Courtesy of the Office of Air Force Sergeant Major, Sgt Mauricio, and Sgt Borela
Photo Courtesy by Corporal Brian Lindgren, Royal Canadian Army