Submitted by AFPAO on Mon, 03/04/2019 - 11:45

The Institute for Solidarity in Asia held the 19th Performance Governance System (PGS), Governance Boot Camp Basic Class at the Quest Hotel and Conference Center in Clark, Pampanga last February 20-22, 2019.

The Bootcamp was attended by over 120 delegates from different organizations in the Philippines, including some from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and two of its major services, the Philippine Army and the Philippine Air Force. The latter was a co-host of the said event, and had sent 16 delegates from the Air Force Strategy Management Office (AFSMO) to represent the PAF. PAF also set up a booth for the duration of the boot camp to promote the organization and the PAF Flight Plan 2028 to other governance warriors.

The first day consisted of a briefing and boot camp primer, followed by the discussion of the module on Governance Values and Development Mindset by Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao, and the module on Strategy Fundamentals by Mr. Christian P. Zaens. Through these modules the participants learned more about good governance and the makings of an effective strategy. The participants were also divided into eight teams so that they can get to know the other participating organizations.

The second day was comprised of fun activities related to linkages, and the modules discussed by Mr. Christian P. Zaens: Disciplined Execution, and Beyond Cascading. The participants enjoyed festivities in the boot camp’s Theme Night, where two best costume awards were bagged by delegates of the Philippine Air Force.

The boot camp’s third day was dedicated to discussions with PGS partners who have already achieved institutionalization. Dr. Juliet Banderas from the Philippine Heart Center, Ms. Hannah Cana from the Philippine Army, and Ms. Myrna Roman from the City Government of Balanga had a Roundtable Discussion on the Office of Strategy Management Core Team. They also shared the functions of their respective OSMs, how they function as a part of the organization, as well as their struggles on the road to institutionalization. The Philippine Air Force’s very own Chief of the Strategy Management Office, COL RONIE D PETINGLAY PAF (GSC), spoke on the Multi-Sector Governance Council, and also shared the PAF’s Flight Plan to the audience. The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to the action planning of each respective organization, and mentoring with governance gurus on the different aspects of an SMO, such as strategic communication, MSGC management, etc.

The event hosted by ISA and co-hosted PAF was an overall success, with all participants gaining new knowledge from the lectures, and expanding their network to other PGS partners.

Courtesy of AFSMO