PAF Extends A Hand To Military Orphans

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05 April 2017

A special flag raising took place on April 3, 2017 to handover the cheque for the Support Orphan’s Scholarship (SOS) Project of the Armed Forces Educational Benefit System Office (AFPEBSO) held at the Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base (CJVAB) Grandstand, Pasay City.

The donation came from the one-day subsistence allowance of all military officers and enlisted personnel who participated in the #SOS Project to support the education of the orphans of military personnel who were killed in action, died in the line of duty, and permanently incapacitated in line of duty.

A total Php 1,261,365.00 was collected from the Philippine Air Force (PAF) personnel.

The cheque was received by the AFPEBSO General Manager, Commander Dwight Steven M Dulnoan PN (GSC), which was presented by the PAF Vice Commander, Major General Conrado V Parra Jr AFP.

Photo By: Tsg Mohammad PAF