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The Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Plans, A5 and the Air Force Safety Office (AFSO), in cooperation with the US Pacific Air Forces (PACAF), conducted the Comprehensive Safety Subject Matter Expert Exchanges (SMEE) 2016 from September 19-23, 2016 at Clark Air Base, Basa Air Base, and Villamor Air Base in Pasay City.

A total of 216 PAF personnel attended the five-day activity which was composed of 88 PAF personnel from Clark, 43 PAF personnel from Basa and 85 PAF personnel from Villamor Comprehensive Safety SMEE.

Throughout the lecture, four members of the US PACAF served as Subject Matter Experts namely, Colonel James S. Shigekane USAF, the PACAF Director of Safety; Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy R. Grey USAF, PACAF Chief of Aviation Safety; Major Cherie Clark USAF, PACAF Flight Safety Officer; and MSgt Anthony Tsamadrinos USAF, the PACAF Weapons Safety Manager. During the activity, the topics being discussed covered the following lectures: Safety Culture, Safety Program, Bird/Animal Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH), Operational Risk Management, Threat and Error Management, Line Operation’s Safety Audit, Weapons Storage/Citing; and Enhancement of Tactics, Technique and Procedures (TTPs) on Aircraft Accident/Incident Investigation. Moreover, LTC LORETO B PASAMONTE PAF (GSC), the Director, Air Force Safety Office, was in attendance to answer queries from the participants and he himself confessed that he learned a lot from the US PACAF counterparts.

The activity aimed to help the PAF counterparts develop safety policies and practices on topics discussed, yielded questions and discussions that point to the need for more such exchanges in the future, since the PAF is expecting to develop its doctrines, systems and capabilities in fulfillment of breakthrough goals for Flight Plan 2028.

Photo by: AFSMO

By: SSgt Almar Manaois PAF