Submitted by AFPAO on Thu, 02/04/2021 - 12:21

To nurture a culture of innovation, the PAF embarked its first innovation challenge chaired by the Vice Commander, PAF last  4th Quarter 2020. The PAF Innovation challenge has two categories Individual and Unit, and six sub-categories Individual Product Innovation, Individual Process innovation, Individual Service Innovation, Unit Product Innovation, Unit Process Innovation, and Unit Service Innovation. 

The winners are the following:

LTC CHRISTIAN P MANGLICMOT PAF (GSC) - Individual Category Product Innovation:
Portable Manual Drum Lifter
The lifter is made of angle bars with winch and cables. The lifter is capable of descending or ascending up to three drums while the fourth drum is added as the first drum touches the ground softly. The innovation will improve procedure and enhance safety in loading and unloading fuel drums

CPT VAUX D PENAFLORIDA PAF - Individual Category Process Innovation:
Project Management Tools
The tools allow a school to plan and delegate work all in one place using task, workflows, and calendar features. This will allow the Commandant or concerned staff to assign a task in different offices without person to person meeting. This innovation will improve work performance by allowing all personnel to easily monitor, review, and update the assigned tasks given to them.

MAJOR DENNIS ORILLO PAF - Individual Category Service Innovation:
Installation of Multi-Purpose Surround Speaker in the Hangar
Studies have shown that messages that are repeated over and over again are more easily retained. Thus, with large foot traffic in the hangar, it is an excellent opportunity to disseminate information over a public address (PA) system installed inside the hangar. This simple innovation will improve the way to communicate with personnel while doing work at the hangar.

205th Tactical Helicopter Wing - Unit Category Product Innovation:
Multi-Layer Patient Litter for Tactical Heli-Lift and Combat Search and Rescue Operations
This equipment can accommodate up to three (3) patients with its low-mid-top tier layering configuration. The multi-layer lifter is secured in a support structure that is securely mounted inside the aircraft by hook and a locking mechanism. The lifters can be easily detached and reattached. This innovation will improve air evacuation of patients.

Air Force Finance Center - Unit Category Process Innovation:
PAF On-line Payment System (Green Screen)
The POPS is an electronic means of payment that will pave way to a safer and efficient collection process during payments. Through POPS, personal appearances, cash payment, and tedious payment process will be eliminated since personnel can already settle their bills using their mobile devices, iPad, or laptops. The innovation will improve financial service and transaction and will enhance safety of our personnel during the pandemic.

900th Air Force Weather Group - Unit Category Service Innovation:
Weather Broadcasting Project
This project utilizes Green Screen Technology to deliver weather service. 
This service will reach more stakeholders through technology. This innovation will improve delivery of weather service.
The Command approve the replication and adoption of these winning innovations by concerned units.