PAF Air Force Symposium 2016 Successfully Held

Submitted by AFPAO on Wed, 07/04/2018 - 11:17

The Philippine Air Force holds the 15th Symposia on June 9, 2016 at Mariott Grand Ballroom in Newport City Complex, Pasay City with the theme: Breaking barriers, realizing aspirations towards a Jointly Engaged Transforming Force for greater peace and security. The Senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, Justice Antonio T Carpio was the Guest of Honor.

As the primary air power advocacy mechanism of the Philippine Air Force, this year’s Symposium highlighted the role of policy in developing a credible air force that can effectively contribute to regional peace and stability, to examine innovations, concepts and best practices in air power capability development responsive to current and future challenges and to foster international alliances with neighbors of similar strategic concerns.

Air Force Symposium 2016 is a full-day event packed with agenda divided in 2 sessions. The morning session consisted the exhibit of PAF which showcased its different capabilities from units like Air Defense Wing, 710th Special Operations Wing, 505th Search and Rescue Group, Air Force Strategy Management Office and Public Information Office. Different Aerospace companies like Korea Aerospace Industries Inc.(KAI), Beechcraft defense Co., Diehl Defense, Lockheed Martin, Hawker Pacific, SAAB Asia Pacific, Instar Co., Ltd also participated thru exhibit and presentations. In the afternoon session, MGen Michael B Compton, the Air National Guard Assistant to the Commander, US Pacific Air Forces (COMPACAF) discussed about the role of air power in ensuring freedom of navigation in the open seas. According to MGen Compton, the very strengths of air power such as global vigilance, global power, global reach in the case of the US Air Force and used in close partnership with allies, were ideal tools to support national interests in a maritime environment such as the Asia-Pacific in general and the Philippines in particular. While, Lt Gen Yoshinari Marumo, the Vice Chief of Staff, Japan Air Self-Defense Force said that the ability to secure one’s nation’s skies from all threats is by using our heart strategy, doctrine and transformation plan to establish a credible air defense. Finally, the Guest of honor, the Senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Hon. Justice Antonio T Carpio explained the rule of law, regional security and the West Philippine Sea issue, where he stressed out that everyone must do what we need to do among ourselves. We must embrace our capacity to defend ourselves with the credible self defense capacity.

Before the program ends, the Commanding General, PAF Lt General Edgar R Fallorina AFP expressed his warmest gratitude to Justice Carpio and 2 other foreign military high ranking officers for sharing their thoughts. Moreover, all sponsors were also recognized for extending generosity of expertise and services on several elements of PAF capability development . Lastly, a warmest congratulation was being extended by the CG, PAF to the entire organizer and all PAF personnel for the job well done that made this year's AFS a success.