Submitted by AFPAO on Thu, 09/12/2019 - 14:08

The Air Logistics Command through the 410th Maintenance Wing recovered one (1) UH-1H with tail number 806 and one (1) T-41D with tail number 048 this August. The development brings to four (4) the total number of aircraft recovered from non-mission capable to full-mission capable status so far this year.

LTGEN ROZZANO D BRIGUEZ AFP, Commanding General, Philippine Air Force led the blessing and turnover of the newly-recovered aircraft in a simple ceremony in Clark Air Base, Pampanga last August 29, 2019. MGEN ALLEN T PAREDES AFP, Commander, Air Logistics Command and BGEN FLORANTE M AMANO AFP, Wing Commander, 410th Maintenance Wing turned over the aircraft and allied documents to Air Education, Training and Doctrines Command and 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing.

In the same ceremony, LTGEN BRIGUEZ led the blessing of 27 newly-acquired passenger and utility vehicles. These vehicles are awaiting distribution by Air Logistics Command and 420th Supply Wing under its Wing Commander, COLONEL FERNANDO M REBOJA PAF (GSC).

These aircraft represent a lost capability that has been restored. With UH-1H Number 806, the PAF would be able to add a helicopter to a dwindling fleet, thus, would be better able to support operational requirements of ground forces in the field. T-41D Number 048, on the other hand, would add another aircraft for use in pilot training.

The PADAYON Philippine Air Force will continue to develop its air assets to be a more capable and credible air force responsive to national security and development.

Courtesy of Air Logistics Command