A-9 Hosts Reservist And Retiree Affairs Symposium 2016

Submitted by AFPAO on Wed, 07/04/2018 - 15:57

The Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Reservist and Retiree Affairs (RRA), A-9, the primary staff that formulates policies and plans for the administration, development, organization, training, equipage, maintenance and utilization of PAF Reserve Force headed by Col Amerigo A Fabrigar (MNSA) PAF, hosted the Reservist and Retiree Affairs (RRA) Symposium, an annual activity that was conducted at the PAF Aerospace Museum, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City on September 17, 2016.

The RRA symposium aims to apprise the PAF Reservist Administrators, Reserve Unit Commanders and other stakeholders on the current thrusts, policies and programs in relation to PAF Flight Plan 2028 vis-a-vis the AFP and RRA Transformation Roadmap as well as, to enhance synergy between the Regular and the Reserve Force components for jointness and interoperability.

Series of briefings / presentations were given to the participants by resource speakers namely; Col Arthur M Cordura PAF (MNSA), Chief Air Force Strategic Management Office; Col Mauricio P Gonzales PAF (GSC), Assistant Chief of Command Staff for Operations, C3, AFRC; Lieutenant Commander Allyson A Depayso (INF) PA, Chief for Plans and Research Branch, ON9; and Lieutenant Senior Grade June Eliseo A Gordillo PN, Chief for Reserve Force Development Branch PN. They were tapped as Subject Matter Experts on the following: PAF Flight Plan 2028 updates, Reserve Force Development (RFD) Transformation Roadmap/ RRA Updates, Proposed Ready Reserve Table of Organization and RFD Programs of the three (3) major services.

The Chief of Command Staff of Air Force Reserve Command, Col Lito D Villanueva PAF (MNSA), graced the said symposium as the guest of honor representative of BGen Enrico L Ignacio AFP, the Commander of AFRC. Key PAF Reservist Administrators, Reservist Unit Commanders, Operations Officers and selected Senior Reservist Officers and key NCOs also attended the symposium.

Photo by: Sgt Tombado