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The Airlifters, under the command of BGEN STEPHEN P PARREÑO AFP, offered a Thanksgiving Mass officiated by LTC JOSE N ABIERRA JR (CHS) PAF last Thursday in commemoration of its 46th Founding Anniversary last 30 May 2019. It was then followed by the Blessing of the newly-renovated buildings of the Wing - the Wing Operations Center and the 470th MSG Library having the Commander, Air Mobility Command, MGEN ALEJANDRO A BACLAYON AFP as the Guest of Honor.

In compliance to the set standards by the Higher Headquarters in boosting the capabilities of all operation centers, the Wing Operation Center (WOC) started its renovation last 29 January 2018 and was turned-over on 23 March 2019 to continue its function of coordinating and supervising flight operations, policies, programs and training matters.

Likewise, the 470th MSG Library reconstruction started on 16 October 2018 until 04 March 2019. Aircraft Manuals, Maintenance Records and other Flight Data were made available in the building to further standardize the safety and procedures from ground to air operations of the Wing.

The ceremony culminated with a Light Breakfast at the 220th AW Hangar. The attendance of all personnel and civilian employees of the Wing reflected the solidarity of the entire Airlifters Family in commemorating its 46th Founding Anniversary on Friday, 31 May 2019.


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