Submitted by AFPAO on Fri, 05/01/2020 - 14:32

The Philippine Air Force provided its NC212i, C295, and C130 aircraft for the speedy transport of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), medical supplies, test kits and specimen to different provinces in support to the Inter-Agency Task Force on Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases.

On 25 March 2020, the PAF again transported test kits and specimens to and from affected provinces. The use of PAF air assets will fast track the confirmation COVID-
19 cases in order to immediately manage the identified PUIs and PUMs in the country. Also, the PPEs and medical supplies will greatly improve the working condition of our health workers and frontlines as well as protect them against the virus.

As of March 27, 2020, the PAF ferried a total of 75,766lbs of PPEs and medical supplies:

•    March  21,  2020:  Manila-Fujian,  China-Manila  via  C130:  Assorted  PPEs (20,000lbs)
•    March 22, 2020: Manila-Mactan-Davao-Manila via C295: Assorted facemasks; disposable gloves, boots, and gowns; and thermal scanner (1,711 lbs)
•    March 23, 2020: Manila-Mactan via NC212i: Total of 15 boxes of medical supplies, face masks, medical kits, and assorted cargoes (400lbs)
•    March 24, 2020: Manila-Zamboanga-Cotabato-Manila via C130: 177 boxes of assorted medical supplies and equipment; 136 boxes of paracetamol syrup and tablets; 13 boxes face masks; and 7 PPEs (42,000lbs)
•    •    March   25,   2020:   Manila-Davao-Manila-Davao-Mactan-Manila   via   C130: Medical supplies and equipment for NDRMMC, OCDRO XI, and PSG (11,655lbs)

With the widespread of COVID-19, the PAF is always committed to continuously provide assistance and untiringly support the government to win this battle.