Submitted by AFPAO on Mon, 04/01/2019 - 16:33

On 28 March 2019, the first batch of soloists from the Military Pilot Training Class of 2019 finally had their chance to successfully and safely land the SF-260FH on their own. Under the supervision of the mighty Cougars of the 102nd Pilot Training Squadron, these young men and women once again accomplished a milestone in their pilot career soloing the agile SF-260FH.

The MPT 2019 is composed of 54 students and is currently on their last phase of pilot training under the 102nd PTS. Each student will fly 90 hours in the said aircraft to complete the Military Pilot Training program.

Earlier they have completed their primary phase in the T-41 aircraft flying 60 hours under the Wildcats of the 101st PTS.

As a tradition, whenever a student had successfully soloed an aircraft, he/she will be thrown into the dunking pool named after Leoncio Malinao, the First Filipino Military Pilot, a refreshing and blessed experience to celebrate their accomplishment.

Congratulations! PADAYON Mentors!


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