Submitted by AFPAO on Thu, 08/08/2019 - 10:18

The Southern Stinger Flight, stationed at TOWSOL, Camp Nakar, Lucena City, was tasked to conduct a mission in the dispersed areas of Occidental and Oriental Mindoro. The mission was aimed to uphold immediate assistance to the ground forces through the conduct of troop insertion and extrication, resupply, and aerial reconnaissance to support the ongoing combat operations spearheaded by the 4IB, PA, in spite of the challenging landing zones, mountainous terrains, gusting winds, and other unforeseeable circumstances.

The mission showcased the accomplishments of Stinger Flight from Camp Nakar, Lucena City, where the flight was directed to preposition at Headquarters, 203BDE, Bansud, Oriental Mindoro, for intelligence report and informative briefing on the target mission. The flight successfully performed resupply and troop insertion and extraction at Sitio Sangay and Sitio Mawan. The flight element delivered 3,000 lbs of goods to the deployed troops. Subsequently, the flight proceeded to San Jose Airport to pick up another 3,000 lbs of goods and unloaded the extracted troops from the area of operations. Because there was enough time left, the flight decided to fly over the areas to be surveyed as requested to warn the enemy on the presence of the Mighty Hueys supporting the operating troops on the ground. 

The area is a suspected rebel camp and is situated in the middle of the forest and mountains. After the aerial recon, the flight proceeded back to Lucena Airport. The flight safely landed and shutdown engines at the TOWSOL Helipad around five in the afternoon. The Stinger Flight successfully and safely accomplished their mission despite the strong gustiness, elevated landing spot, and changing weather conditions in the area.

This challenging mission shows that the Stingers are not just soldiers who guard the Philippine skies, but more so, they are Skylifters who CARE to support and promote lasting peace in the country. These men are fuelled with a burning desire to perform their mandated duties even if it could possibly cost them their lives. Truly, they are heroes in sacrifice.

Photo courtesy of 205th THW