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Last 07 August 2019, no less than the Deputy Chief of Staff for Education and Training, J8, MGEN AUGUSTO D DELA PEÑA AFP formally conferred the "Certificate of Recognition" to the 228th Transport Crew Training Squadron (TCTS) for its accreditation as a Secondary AFP Education and Training Unit in the Specialized Military Education and Training Institution Category. The certificate was received by the Squadron Commander, 228th TCTS, MAJOR MARJORIE MUKAY SIA PAF.

This accreditation was pursued way back in 2017. However, with the drafting of the new AFP Education and Training Evaluation System (AFPETES), the evaluation has been delayed until the evaluation tool was finalized and was used to evaluate the 228th TCTS. After completing all the requirements, the accreditation was finally approved by the Chief of Staff, AFP last 02 August 2019. For the record, the 228th TCTS is the first unit in the AFP to be evaluated using the new AFP ETES.

Over the years, the Squadron proudly stood as a reliable and responsive training unit of the 220th Airlift Wing whose mission remained to be vital on the religious implementation of the Wing's training programs. With this accreditation, incentives shall be available for personnel who would prefer to specialize on teaching rather than on aircraft maintenance and flight duties.

In consonance with the dictum that human resource is one of the core priorities of the present leadership –to develop and equip our men with the skills and knowledge is an overarching necessity. Truly, this accreditation will ensure better airlift services and provide the needed boost we all expect while sustaining and ensuring consistent efforts in similar pursuit. 

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(Article and Photos from 220th Airlift Wing)