28th Commanding General, PAF

07 July 2004 – 02 February 2007


LT GENERAL JOSE L REYES AFP was born in Banay-Banay, San Jose, Batangas on 03 February 1951.

He was in his 2nd year in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering when he decided to join as a cadet of the Philippine Military Academy where he graduated 4th in 1973 and finished his pilot training at the PAF Flying School where he graduated in 1975. He holds a degree in Master of Project Management and a Masters Degree in National Security Administration.

In his early years in the military service, he served as Operations and Intelligence Officer of the Composite Air Support Force, North Eastern Command in Isabela from 1973 to 1974. He spent several years in numerous positions such as Military Training Officer, Instructor Pilot, Squadron Commander and Assistant Commandant of the PAF Flying School from 1975 to 1982 before his reassignment at the Air Force Officer School. He later assumed Commander of the Composite Air Support Force 10 in Cagayan De Oro from 1993 to 1994.

General Reyes is known to have flown several types of aircraft most notably with the OV-10A “Bronco” ground-attack aircraft in which he earned his reputation as an attack pilot. He was in OJ-5, AFP when he directed the updating of the AFP Strategic Planning Manual 2-5 and initiated the formulation of the AFP Long Term Development Plan, as well as the 2003 RP-US Joint Defense Assessment which laid the foundation for a new Philippine Defense Reform Program.

He held numerous significant positions such as Commandant of the PAF Flying School; Secretary of Joint Staff, GHQ; Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Operations, A-3; Chief of Air Staff; Wing Commander of the 15th Strike Wing; Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans, J-5; Deputy Chief of Staff for Comptrollership, J-6; and finally when he was appointed as Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force.

When he took stewardship of the Philippine Air Force, he conceived a six Command Thrusts namely Capability Enhancement, Unit Preparedness, Infrastructure Development, Human Resource Development and Meritocracy, Organizational Streamlining, and Doctrine Development which made a positive improvement in the overall performance of the PAF. His work philosophy is the “Join-up! Power-up! Doing more with less.” resulted in many Command successes as operational readiness rose from 50% in 2003 to 76% in 2005.

He is a recipient of various awards and decorations such as Distinguished Service Medals, Distinguished Aviation Cross, Bronze Cross Medals, Military Merit Medals, and among others.

Lieutenant General Reyes is married to Mrs Martina Reyes with whom he has a son named Jose Reyes Jr. and a daughter, Dr Marjorie Reyes, M.D.