Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base

   Today, this is the main headquarters of the PAF. It was originally named Nichols Field and used by American and Filipino Army Air Corp units prior to World War II. In was turned over to the Philippine Air Force on January 1948. It is presently located in Pasay City at the heart of Metro Manila adjacent to the Manila International and Domestic Airport. The Base was named after Captain Jesus Villamor, the Air Force’s first Medal of Valor recipient and Squadron Commander of the Fighting 6th Pursuit Squadron who engaged the Japanese Imperial Air Force during World War II.

   It was also Captain Villamor's squadron that flew and baptized the P-26 in dogfight; making the "Peashooter" the first American fighter plane (flown by Filipino pilots) to officially enter World War II - in combat.

    Jesus Villamor Air Base is located in Pasay City about 5 miles south of downtown Manila and shares facilities with the much larger Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Ninoy Aquino supports most of the city's air traffic. The airport has 2 runways. One is 12,000 feet long, while the other is only 6,000 feet and also narrower in width. The Base was the Air Force's largest facility and was noteworthy in that it housed the President's personal Airlift Wing. It was also home to a number of important administrative and support units and features an Air Force Museum and officers' club. (Coordinates: 14o30'36 N, 121o0'50 E)

   The facility first came into existence in 1912 as an underdeveloped US Army Air Corps base, alternately called Nichols Field, part of Camp Nichols. The Japanese took over the facility during World War II and used it as a bomber base. Retaken by the United States during the conflict, it was turned over to Philippine control in 1948. The following year it was renamed Nichols Air Base. In 1982, President Marcos renamed the base Jesus Villamor Air Base after a famous World War II Philippine ace pilot and clandestine agent.

   As of 2009, Villamor Air Base hosts mostly non-combat air units, including the 207th Tactical Helicopter Squadron, the 250th Presidential Airlift Wing, the 4221 Supply Distribution Squadron, the 5223rd Civil Engineering Squadron, the 5054th Supply Squadron, the 900th Weather Support Group, the 950th Communications, Electronics and Information Systems Group, the Air Force Finance Center, the Air Force Civil Relations Center, the Air Force Holding Center, the Air Force Management Information Center, the Air Force Procurement Center, the Air Force General Hospital, and the 1301st Dental Dispensary.