Col Ernesto Rabina Air Base

    In 1991, After Mt Pinatubo erupted, U.S. Forces left the country and turned over to the government its Base Lands.

    In 1992, Base Conversion and Development Act (BCDA) was created pursuant to R.A. 7227.

   Proc. 163 was issued by HE President Fidel Valdez Ramos in 1993 was specifies that the Crow Valley area will remain a military reservation for use of DND – Military purposes. General Orders Nr 270 dated 03 March 2003 GHQ, effective 01 January 2003, designated the PAF as Camp Administrator of Crow Valley Gunnery Range.

    On 15 February 2014, Pursuant to HPAF General Orders Nr 17 dated 27 January 2014, the 790TH Air Base Group under 710TH SPOW was mandated to take-over the Command and Control of CVMR from 6015TH Range Management Squadron under 600TH ABW .

   On 04 August 2016 the Crow Valley Military Reservation was renamed Colonel Ernesto Ravina Air Base (CERAB) pursuant to GHQ, AFP General Order Nr 779 dtd 10 August 2016.