Philippine Air Force Units        

Tactical Command
Air Defense Command
Air Mobility Command
Tactical Operations Command
Support Command
Air Logistics Command
Air Education Training and Doctrine Command
Air Force Reserve Command
5th Fighter Wing
580th Aircraft Control and Warning Wing
205th Tactical Helicopter Wing
220th Airlift Wing
Tactical Operations Wing Northern Luzon
Tactical Operations Wing Southern Luzon (Prov)
Tactical Operations Wing Central
Tactical Operations Wing Western Mindanao
Tactical Operations Wing Eastern Mindanao (Prov)
410th Maintenance Wing
420th Supply Wing
15th Strike Wing
710th Special Operations Wing
Tactical Operations Wing West
250th Presidential Airlift Wing
355th Aviation Engineer Wing
520th Air Base Wing
300th Air Intelligence and Security Wing (Prov)
Separate Units
900th Air Force Weather Group
950th Communications Electronics and Information Systems Group
Air Force Special Service Group
Headquarters Service Support Group
Air Force Accounting Center
Air Force Finance Center
PAF Personnel Management Center
Air Force Reserve and Development Center
Tactical Operations Group
TOG 1 (Baguio)
TOG 2 (Isabela)
TOG 3 (Tarlac)
TOG 4 (Lucena)
TOG 5 (Legaspi)
TOG 6 (Ilo-Ilo)
TOG 7 ( Palawan)
TOG 8 (Tacloban)
TOG 9 (Pulacan)
TOG 10 (Cagayan De Oro)
TOG 11 (Davao)
TOG 12 (Cotabato)