PAF Daycare Center


The Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base DAY CARE CENTER provides quality day care services to children of military personnel and civilian employees ranging at least 2.3 to 4.8 years old. The PAFDCC was built and designed to provide a child-friendly and nurturing learning environment. It has a decentralized classroom that features different learning areas for math, science, language arts, social studies, arts and music and movement activities. The center has child-friendly washrooms and child-size furniture, as well. For the gross motor development of the children, the center offers an outdoor playground with safe equipment and toys. A wide selection of books and learning materials like puzzles and building blocks are also provided for the development of cognitive skills.


1. Must be a direct dependent of active PAF military personnel and civilian employees.

2. At least 2.3 to .8 years old.


1. Photocopy of certified NSO Birth Certificate

2. Accomplished Child Intake/Application Form

3. Pcs 2x2 ID and 4 pcs 1x1 pictures of the child.

4. Health record book/baby book

5. 2 pcs 2x2 ID pictures of parents

6. Long White Folder

For more information and inquiries, text or call PAFDCC at mobile numbers: 09178975020 (globe), 09186250523 (smart), 09321582037 (sun) or visit PAFDCC and look for Teacher Germelyn Jimeno.