954th Cyber Operations Squadron

Submitted by jhaejhae on Mon, 06/10/2019 - 11:17

    The 950th CEISG was created based on Resolution dtd 15 July 2004 signed by the members of the Joint CEIS Board headed by the Chairman RADM ABRAHAM R ABESAMIS AFP and other major service coordinating staff. Said resolution calls for the need to create signal units from the three (3) major service branches to oversee, plan and develop the overall CEIS requirements in the different levels of commands for integration and interoperability, as well as, to create a position for the career advancement of CEIS Officers and enlisted personnel.

    On the 15th of April 2005, the 950th Communications Electronics and Information Systems Group (CEISG) was organized and placed under the command and control of the Commanding General, PAF with its mandate to provide communications electronics and information systems services in support to the PAF mission. 

    With the proliferation of cyber threats in the global arena, including state-sponsored attacks against government cyber portals, the Department of National Defense deemed it necessary that Cyber Security be included among the “Core Security Concerns” as stated in the Defense Planning Guidance 2016-2021. Under the said memorandum, Program 2 should create a flight-sized unit to proactively respond to the challenges of cyber security and warfare. In compliance, the PAF reorganized the 950th Communications Electronics and Information Systems Group with the creation of the Cyber Security Flight under the 952nd Management Information Systems Squadron on 15 July 2015. The flight’s mission is to ensure that the PAF Cyberspace is secured and protected from both internal and external threats.

    However, with the cyber threats becoming more sophisticated each day, it is imperative that the 950th CEISG have its own squadron that is solely focused on ensuring the security and integrity of the PAF Cyberspace. For this reason, the Group included in its Flight Plan that by 2017, 950th CEISG should be able to upgrade its current Cyber Security Flight into the 954th Cyberspace Operations Squadron to be responsive to its mandate.

MISSION: To ensure the PAF Cyberspace is secured and protected from both internal and external threats. 


  • Provides incident response support to PAF-wide information systems. 
  • Provides, publishes, and immediately disseminates vital warnings, security updates, and references materials related to information security and advocates best practices and mitigating impending threats.
  • Act as a point of contact for cyber coordination and incident reporting. 
  • Provides detection and identification of malicious activities in PAF cyberspace. 
  • Develops strategies and response frameworks to better coordinate the AFP-wide stakeholders during incidents. 
  • Conducts vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VA/PT) to identify network weak points and provides security recommendations based on current and emerging cyber threats.
  • Conducts research and analysis on current and emerging cyber technologies to include cyber security threats and formulates long-term strategies in securing the PAF’s network.
  • Coordinates with other AFP branches of service (GHQ CEISSAFP, PA, PN), other government agencies, and private institutions/ stakeholders in accordance to the AFP policy, which could enhance the PAF’s capability in securing its network.